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Get through the recession like a sophisticated business...even if you don't know how to


Kiwis On Wage Subsidies

Unprepared Owners

Over 10 years since the last NZ recession


Expected to lose jobs

*Statistics NZ

Global Slowdown

Impacting The NZ Economy

Why you need to recession proof

  • We are experiencing one of the largest contractions to the economy New Zealand has ever seen. Given 1.4million Kiwis went on a wage subsidy, you don't need to be an accountant to know businesses couldn't cope. This training will help you steel your business to get through any recession.

  • You might think your business is in a good financial position. But what about the people who supply you and the people who pay you...your customers. Do you think they are as prepared as you? You need to be in the best position you can be to not feel the impacts of other businesses failing around you.

  • They say there are opportunities in every recession, can you spot them? We discuss this in our training and unlock the hidden opportunity inside every single business that gets overlooked by 83% of business owners.

The recession will pass...

Make sure you have a business on the other side

Got a minute? Learn more about us below.

Who are Luke and Phil?

We’re high energy, genuine Kiwi blokes with a passion for helping business owners thrive in doing what they love. Award winning Chartered Accountants and business development experts, we help people improve, grow and enjoy their business journey..

Why we are different.

  • At nextAdvisory we work with business owners across multiple industries to get the most out of their business. Our clients have contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy and we partner with them to ensure they build the business that they want. Outside of nextAdvisory, we have further business interests and board positions which ensure we keep our finger on the pulse with best business practice.

  • New Zealand is moving into a deep recession and we want to help business owners prepare for this. We don't just do sets of accounts and tax returns. We help business owners run the business they want. Unfortunately we are in a contraction and most people are not prepared. We are going to reverse that.

  • People first...we listen, ask the right questions and develop a clear approach to help you reach your business goals and challenge you to make new ones. We’ve changed the face of the accounting industry with our style, energy levels and professional capability.

Oh by the way, we GUARANTEE the training will work... 

If you implement the action points in the training, this will improve your business. If you look us in the eye and genuinely tell us it hasn't helped, we will refund you. We work with hundreds of business owners to improve their businesses and we know the people who take action are the eventual winners in any economy.

Try finding another business advisor that will guarantee their clients investment.


Critical Training Includes

A recession is a chance to learn and improve your business. Whilst your competitors do it tough, you don't have to

  • How bad is it for YOU?

    Time to get real and assess the environment you operate in. Pause, breathe and take stock.

  • Out Plan Your Competitors

    Most businesses don't have a written plan. We'll explain why it is more important than ever.

  • Opportunities

    How do you know which opportunities are for you? We look at spotting the RIGHT opportunities.

  • Finances

    A deep dive into understanding your finances and making sure you've got strong finances in place.

  • Efficiency

    Efficiency and productivity. The two words that will help save thousands of Kiwi businesses. Paper is a sign of inefficiency, where are you using it?

  • BONUS: Planning Tools

    A bonus cashflow planning tool so simple your children could use it. Our $15,000 business planning template.


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55 minutes of video training

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We'll send it all over in an email too including bonus downloads to help you plan for your business.

Pick Up The Phone

$450 Business Planning Call INCLUDED

If you don't understand the training, we'll take a 30minute call with you to discuss your business and how to recession proof it.


We'll run you through the key sections to help you get clear on what you need to do.

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